Smart Grids Roaming Infrastructure
for Park and Charge

SME Instrument proposal submitted by XLAB d.o.o. to the European Commission call for proposals under H2020 for funding under the "SIE-01-2014-1: Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy system".

STRIPaC will

provide your clients in apartment complexes with power outlets in their garages.

enable Distribution System Operators to profitably build electric vehicle charging infrastructure at places, where it is first required.

enable electricity retailers to offer new profitable services to their customers.

STRIPaC addresses the following Societal Challenges of European Union on Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy:

Alternative fuels and mobile energy sources

STRIPaC will help develop the charging spot infrastructure and facilitate uptake of electric vehicles.

A single, smart European electricity grid

STRIPaC will build pan-European cloud of charging stations, compatible with Smartgrid initiatives.

Market uptake of energy and ICT innovation

STRIPaC platform API will allow development of other services based on combinations of roaming electricity usage and ICT.

Are you an Electricity Distribution System Operator or Electricity Retailer?
Join the STRIPaC stakeholder network to:

  • participate in the EU founded STRIPaC project and build a demonstration site,
  • verify sustainability of STRIPaC DSO business models on your data,
  • direct future development of STRIPaC products and services.

To join the STRIPaC stakeholder network, contact us at

STRIPaC project already has support of:

Smart energy Demand Coalition

Electricity distribution system operator

Power Market Operator

Energy retailer

Telekom Slovenije